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Representing three, resource-rich municipalities stretching across
1600 square kilometers minutes from the busiest 24-hour border crossing in Saskatchewan, SSEP is an innovative and collaborative approach for growing a sustainable economy in Southeast Saskatchewan.

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Rural Municipality Coalfields No. 4

Incorporated as a rural municipality on January 1, 1913, Coalfields No. 4 has a long history of coal mining, oil & gas extraction and agriculture. This region has a land area of 819.52km2, with a total population of 368 and population density of 0.4/km2 (StatsCanada, 2016).

Rural Municipality of Estevan No. 5

While incorporated as a rural municipality on December 12, 1910, the RM of Estevan No. 5's first local government was between 1898-1904 and has a long history of agriculture and grain milling. Today, this region has a land area of 773.38km2, with a total population of 1370 and population density of 1.8/km2 (StatsCanada, 2016).

Town of Bienfait

Incorporated as a Village in 1912 and as a Town on March 1, 1957, Bienfait was named by the Canada Pacific Railway after Antoine Charles Bienfait. Bienfait has a rich history, including Canada's illegal liquor trade and the 1931 Estevan Coal Miners Strike. With a total land area of 3.09 km2, a population of 780 and a population density of 252.4/km2 (StatsCanada, 2016).

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