Growing economic opportunities together

We are the Southeast Sask Economic Partnership (SSEP)

Representing three, resource-rich municipalities stretching across
1600 square kilometers, SSEP is an innovative means for growing a sustainable economy
in Southeast Saskatchewan.

About Us

Our Vision

Reimagining Southeast Saskatchewan

Our vision is a vibrant and sustainable economic future for the next generation.

Our Strategy

Growing Economic Opportunities Together

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Through collaborative and knowledge-sharing approaches, we strategically identify and develop long-term plans for developing our precious resources.

Our Values

Remaining True to Our Roots

By putting rural communities first, acting with honesty and integrity and providing leadership, SSEP remains true to our values.

Explore SSEP

Located in some of the sunniest, resource-rich lands near the busiest Canada/U.S. border crossing in Saskatchewan, SSEP advocates for municipalities from the Town of Bienfait to Rural Municipalities stretching across 1600 square kilometers.

Through a culture of partnership, SSEP represents a diverse mix of rural landowners, rural municipalities and a small town, all of which offer a range of lifestyles, business and investment opportunities.

Why Invest in Ssep

Southeastern Saskatchewan is an affordable and opportunity-rich region to start, expand and grow businesses. 

With a proven-strong economy and a local population skilled in resource development and processing through to energy production to tourism, this region offers extensive, untapped possibilities.

If you are considering business in Saskatchewan, talk to SSEP first to accelerate your decision-making.

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