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The Southeast Sask Economic Partnership is working with the RMs of Estevan and Coalfields and the Town of Bienfait to bring new economic opportunities to our region

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1 : The Southeast Sask Economic Partnership. SSEP is a partnership of two rural municipalities and one town in southeastern Saskatchewan. Each municipal member offers diverse investment opportunities to start, grow or expand your business. As a region, we offer the strength of combined knowledge, land, transportation logistics, low business costs, a skilled workforce and abundant natural resources. 

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We've put together some projects to help folks explore, invest, and enjoy our region. Take a look for yourself.

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    Helping visitors discover our region's hidden gems

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  • SSEPConnect

    Connecting business owners and entreprenurs with investment partners

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  • Coal Creek Festival

    Bringing music, fun, and good vibes to the region, starting Summer 2024

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There's more on the way

SSEP is involved in the organization and funding of a range of projects and developments across our region. 

We’ll have more to tell you about everything it is that we do shortly.

Planting the Seeds For
Regional Success

The best way to predict the future is to create it. 
- Peter Drucker -

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The ultimate resource in economic development is people. It is people, not capital or raw materials that develop an economy.

- Peter Drucker -

The Southeast Sask Economic Partnership (SSEP) stands as a beacon of regional development and economic rejuvenation in rural Saskatchewan.

A collaborative effort between the City of Estevan and the RMs of Bienfait and Coalfields, SSEP is dedicated to unlocking new economic opportunities, fostering sustainable growth, and enhancing community resilience. Through strategic partnerships, SSEP champions diverse investment opportunities, leveraging the area’s rich natural resources, skilled workforce, and innovative spirit. By focusing on key pillars such as education, technology, and sustainable resource management, SSEP aims to cultivate a vibrant economic future for Southeast Saskatchewan, ensuring prosperity for generations to come.

This organization embodies the essence of community-driven progress, striving to transform challenges into stepping stones for regional success.

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