Who we are

Our mission is to create thriving and sustainable Rural Communities in Southeast Saskatchewan through the development of jobs, resources and community initiatives.

Strategic Plan 2021

Our Current Strategic Plan is Coming Soon!

Realizing the needs and priorities of our members combined with the strengths and capabilities as a partnership through: 

Building Key Relationships
We focus on building community-focused relationships that advance sustainable, regional opportunities.

Knowledge-Sharing and Resources
Creating, sharing and developing knowledge-based tools and resources strengthen communities to build innovative opportunities and prosperity. 

Capacity Building 
We facilitate local decision-making processes through learning and training opportunities and regional trend identification.

Support Regional Values 
We ensure that the values and goals of participating communities are prioritized and represented when promoting economic opportunities. 

Current Initiatives

  • Regional Business Needs Survey
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Municipal Infrastructure Improvement Projects
  • Regional Economic Prospectus
  • Site Selector Services 
  • Investment Attraction 


The Municipal Coal Transition Assistance Program was developed by the Province of Saskatchewan as part of its plan to support communities while they transition from coal-based industries to other economic possibilities. 
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Our Strategy

At SSEP, we connect people, ideas, resources and tools across the globe.

Organized in 2020 by the RM of Coalfields No. 4, RM of Estevan No. 5, and the Town of Bienfait, SSEP is a newly established collaborative partnership. We are exploring economic opportunities, developing priorities for the region and  networking with government, industry and community partners.

Moving forward, SSEP aims to expand the partnership and collaborate with more municipalities in the region — the stronger the partnership, the greater the vision.

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Our Core Values

Our values guide our actions and shape our plans.